Ready for your holidays

imageSo you’ve bulked up on mobile apps for your impending holidays, to be able to tell the world about your breakfasts, dinners, and binge drinking, numerous weather-reports, documenting your poor children in any awkward situation through annoying pictures and apps such as Pixlr Express, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plume, InstaWeather, Pinterest and what not. You’re decide to make it “personal” with breakfast habits, and the binge drinking and use Google Hangouts, facebook messenger, and Go SMS imagePro to communicate directly with your friends. You got your leisure time news apps: Pulse, Flipboard, BBC News, and Zite, the travel apps MapsWithMe, Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, TripIt, Stay, and TomTom, bulked up with offline music as well as Spotify or  Wimp, and even thought of backups with Jottacloud or DropBox. Since you’re a smart person, you have turned off data roaming, push notifications, and even installed a data control app. You have an account directly to your Exchange system so you can read work-mail and sync calendar, so you do not lose contact with the real world.

Now you’re ready! … or..

Since your line of work is Storage and backup, you can feel the anxiety build up, and the stomach reflux acting up. Well,

This Checklist can save your leisure time:

  • You have an inventory of all your network and storage equipment, everything is labelled, it’s just so intuitive
  • You’ve got an understandable network and SAN network diagrams  including all devices in an “all systems documentation”
  • All operational procedures are very well documented
  • Someone else is monitoring, tracking, and reporting the whole shebang and you have a proactive and preventative maintenance in the long run.
  • Users know how to recover deleted emails and deleted files, it’s very well documented, everyone is used to that by now, it is also well documented on the intranet.
  • You have SLA’s where responsibilities, Availability, Performance, and problem escalation is described.
  • All power supplies, server-rooms, Network, Servers, and Storage is 100% resilient, it’s totally redundant
  • You’ve got mirrors, snapshots, replication, archiving and backup, it’s all automatic, and it scales itself. No disk can run full. No data can disappear mysteriously.
  • The backup is working like clockwork, and even grandma can restore because of your excellent documented restore procedures and frequently tested recovery procedures
  • You have a list of all your admin accounts  and you’ve got a good, tested DR plan, including small partial disasters described in detail. Anyone can do that.

So, Is this enough? 

If the answer is YES to all these questions, you’re good! At least, it’s a good start!

  • Can you sleep well?
  • Can you turn off your mobile for 48 hours without any negative reactions?
  • Are you concentrated about your present and the surroundings?
  • Can you be present, attentive, and aware with your kids, without thinking about anything else? (..but sex with your wife, LOL).
  • Do you feel like exercising, swimming, tanning, relaxing, smiling, and have an inner calm? (*laughing*)
  • Is the hardest decision throughout the day concerns about your next Latte, red wine or beer?

So there you go. If you haven’t done any of these things, and your mobile apps are monitoring apps that pops up every minute, remote controlling apps (team viewer etc.), then you are in for another type of holidays than mine. Then you have always got the next following year to stop over-administrating, and start to plan smart, and root it into your organization, so you can be safe, proactive and finally take your very well earned vacation.

C U L8r.

ps. remember at 13:37 o’clock it’s always a coffee brake 🙂

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